debeakeared (v.) |di’bikɚ/ɹd|: to have one’s beaker taken away.  Common in scientists that work in dry labs.  I used to have to come in on weekends to check on my plants, but that was before I was debeakered.

I am a Ph.D. student at the University of Toronto.  In a previous academic incarnation, I wore a lab coat, used goggles, and fiddled with chemicals in funny pieces of glassware such as Erlenmeyer flasks and beakers.  However, an incident involving a size 6 running shoe and a rat named Philberta has forced me to give up the glassware.  I’ve since made the Department of Computer Science my home (I’ve stopped short of sleeping in my office… regularly).  You can find out more about me by visiting my website.

Most of these posts will likely be back-of-the-envelope calculations.  Caveat lector: the subjects of the calculations will usually not be from my area of expertise.

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