You're obsolete!

Isn’t the pace of technological advancement remarkable? For less than the price of a month’s worth of kitty litter, one can buy an 8GB microSD memory card that is smaller and lighter than a penny. That’s enough to store the text of all English Wikipedia articles as of March 2010 with room to squeeze in a minimal install of Apple’s current desktop operating system ((2 GiB is sufficient for a bootable disk image of Mac OS X 10.6)).  And that’s just one month’s worth of kitty litter.

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Whither our weapons?

I sure hope the University of Toronto has a good supply of weapons, both melee and ranged.  A university probably ranks rather highly on a list of attack target for zombies — at least if they have any braaains.

Obscene scene modes

I don’t know how many of you own a digital camera, but they sure seem to come with a lot of “scene modes” nowadays.  You know the ones: portrait, dusk, backlit, night, sports, landscape, macro, indoor/party, fireworks, snow, beach…  but what if I want a night photo of fireworks at dusk on a beach such as seen in the Beaches in Toronto on Canada Day (assuming nobody is holding a strike)?  Okay, Mr. Smartypants, so the answer is you probably want “fireworks” mode, but while most people may find the decisions made by the fully automatic settings to be sufficient, sometimes additional human intelligence is required.

Obscene Scene Modes
Obscene Scene Modes

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Digital distractions

iPad has been receiving a lot of press, lately.  Much of it is positive, although it has its detractors.  Much of the negative press seems unwarranted and looks like a FUD campaign.  Indeed, many of the hits to my “iPad? How bad?” post are from searches for the terms “iPad” and “bad” — people looking for ammunition; these people should fuddle duddle.  One thing that seems to be brought up consistently is the inability for iPad to run multiple applications at once at the behest of the user.

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