Municipal election tomorrow

Toronto’s new mayor, set of councillors, and school board trustees will determined tomorrow (or it may already have been determined if enough people voted in advance).  Though I’ll be voting, I try to stay out of politics as much as possible.  However, avoiding politics completely is almost impossible as practically everything is political including how many courses are required to complete an undergraduate degree to whether taxes are levied on bread.  No, whenever there are groups of people, politics are unavoidable, be they household politics or diplomatic channels between nations.

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Sad sign of the times

On my way back from Boston, the bus I was taking had a food stop in Syracuse.  My two choices for hot food were Dunkin’ Donuts and Subway.  Having tried an all-day breakfast item from Dunk’s on the way to Boston due to a long line-up at Subway and been non-plussed, I quickly made my way to the end of the queue for Subway.  There, I was greeted by a plaque that seemed to capture several things that seem to be wrong about society today.

Subway Sign
Subway Sign

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Moral victory for grey goop!

Computers have dominated humans at chess for a number of years.  They’re getting better, too (although they are still completely reliant on us squishy humans for improvements).  But however good they are right now, we’re not completely licked, yet, as I realized while reminiscing about one of the extracurricular events I participated in during high school.

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