Municipal election tomorrow

Toronto’s new mayor, set of councillors, and school board trustees will determined tomorrow (or it may already have been determined if enough people voted in advance).  Though I’ll be voting, I try to stay out of politics as much as possible.  However, avoiding politics completely is almost impossible as practically everything is political including how many courses are required to complete an undergraduate degree to whether taxes are levied on bread.  No, whenever there are groups of people, politics are unavoidable, be they household politics or diplomatic channels between nations.

Yes, much as I hate to admit it, even this blog is political: thirty-four of my past 40 posts have some political element; this compares to 25 of 40 posts having some bearing on my research.  Nine of my past posts have been posted just to meet my self-imposed blog publishing schedule.  By the pigeonhole principle (my favourite kind of PHP), at least three throwaway posts have been political.  But more on this in a future (political) blog post.

The possible result of the election scares me (and Jorge, even all the way over in Victoria, B.C.), but I take heart in the fact that not everything is politically possible.  Good luck, Toronto.

P.S.  Thanks for the election day reminder, Naomi, but as you can see, I’ve got it covered!

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