Wind-powered server farms

I finally registered a domain for myself, but it was somewhat of an impulse buy.  The hosting company was having a sale ($2.95/month, domain included), but that wasn’t what sold me.  It was the energy source for the servers: wind power.  Perhaps they have backup fossil-fuel-burning generators and maybe their offices aren’t nearly as green, but the folks at FatCow are mooving in the right direction.  They lacked some features I would have liked to have and their servers sometimes seem slow to respond (shutting down servers due to lack of wind?), but we all have to make sacrifices, right?

Oh, and until August 24th, if you sign up at with code AUG295, you, too, can get web hosting on a clean-energy-powered server for a year for $2.95 per month.  I get $25 credit if you enter as your referrer.  Please do!

Car with MPD

On Wednesday at the corner of Wilcocks Ave. and St. George St., a car appeared to be confused as to whether it was playing red light/green light or baseball.  At first, it stopped at the red light.  Then it slowly crept forward a few centimetres as if stealing a base before stopping again, repeating the process as if to say, “Ha ha, Red-light Camera!  If I go slowly enough, you can’t see me!”  It was about half way through the intersection when the light for its direction turned green and it was clear to go.  VROOOM.

Send in the terrorists!

I’ve spent numerous summers abroad and missed Canada Day (July 1st) probably close to a dozen times.  However, this year I felt particularly unpatriotic despite singing O Canada in the Union Oyster House with some random Canadians from Kingston who were in Boston for the weekend.  However, after spending a few days in Boston as a tourist, I couldn’t help but become ensconced in feelings of American patriotism, feeling proud of America and its accomplishments, and a deep sympathy for its fallen heros.

Part of a memorial for those killed in action in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The memorial has one blank dog tag for each fallen American. They numbered 5400 when I visited.

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