I like chicken, I like liver…

But I don’t like what I got in the mail. Last week, I received some unsolicited, bulk commercial mail. It wasn’t spam, but it was quite close. Yes, it came in a can but, no, it wasn’t delivered to my e-mail inbox.

That’s right. I got some canned tuna from Purina delivered to my doorstep — and they sent this without checking to see if I had a cat to feed it to. This got my goat ((No, I don’t have a real goat — if I did, I could probably feed it the cat chow)). Why is this company sending cans of meat to households willy-nilly? People with cats might enjoy this freebie, but what is everyone else to do? Throw it out and leave the landfill full of cat-meal-sized cans of tuna and hope feral cats don’t discover the bounty and use it to lead the second feline revolution? Eat it? I know I was tempted.

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