Mystery at VL/HCC

First off…  Nicky, how about photographing some GI Joes for your assignment? They don’t move much! Now back to our regularly scheduled blog.

Last week, at VL/HCC, there was someone that claimed to be a student that stayed in the Statesman’s Room at the Sheraton where the conference was being held. When asked by some fellow conference goers about grabbing a bite, she’d claim to be tired or in need of presentation practice. Since I figured out within a few minutes of meeting her that she wasn’t alone in Pittsburgh from her mannerisms and a few verbal clues without me having to so much as utter a word in conversation, I found it hilarious that others were surprised to learn that she had actually been spending her time with a “secret” companion. This was despite the numerous conversations others had had with her. And then there was the case of the false identities…

¡Hola! So what’s the deal? Though at least one conference attendee was very taken aback as to the lengths to which she went to conceal her companion (and the apparent shock she was in upon having her lies untangled), we had some fun with idle speculation. Is she a high-up government official? Some kind of spy trying to steal the secrets of the latest in visual languages research? The secret owner of most of Pittsburgh? Have you seen this woman? [no picture attached]

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