Stop filibustering yourself!

This Thursday, I’ll be heading down to City Hall to make myself heard over proposed cuts to city services. If you care about this city and have some time, you might want to come, too; the mayor has invited us! The way I see it, if no one shows up, the mayor has carte blanche over cuts because he can claim whatever he wants. But if even a handful of citizens show up, not only will city council hear us, but all of Toronto. Why? Well, let’s do the math (because someone has to): If just a hundred people show up ((that’s less than the number of people that come to the Hot Yam! in a week and a small fraction of the cyclists that showed up to city hall recently)), that’s a whole working day’s worth of citizens addressing Toronto City Council. If this drags on for a few days, you can be the media will pick up on this and if our voices fall on deaf ears, well, an election can’t come soon enough.

I’ll be trying to prepare a detailed speech, to be broken down into five minute segments; I’ve already got a structure in mind. If you would like to help contribute a section or more to this speech or would like to read one of these five minute segments (maybe because you lack the time to write one in advance), drop me a line!

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