Who votes for these people? — Part I

Sometimes, I wonder why certain people or parties are elected. No, I’m not talking about the election in Alberta.  I’m talking about subways, subways, subways! It was brought to my attention over dinner last night that our mayor is enjoying (or at least has) a 47% approval rating from Torontonians. The question was raised about who supports this guy (no weight jokes, please).

I’m not saying that all the mayor’s supporters are like this, but…

A few weeks ago, I was on the subway and heard two people debating whether the Sheppard subway line should be extended out to Scarborough. At one point one of the two pointed at a map inside the subway and said that Mayor Ford was absolutely right: we should build out the subway. He said that the ride from Sheppard/Yonge to Fairview was very fast but it takes quite a while to get from Fairview to Scarborough Town Centre; he then proceeded to argue that we’d only have to double the length of the line that was already built and we’d end up with a fast trip across the city (never mind the finances). This person argued with bluster that would make the mayor proud. It took a few minutes for anyone else on the subway car to work up the courage to point out that the map he was looking at was not to scale. Details.

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